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In the film, “Tomorrow Never Dies”, it was James Bond that remotely controlled his Aston Martin, leading to most people thinking of it as a reality. However, although there has been an infusion of technology in our lives, and auto driving has also become a reality with the electronic cars from Tesla, there is still precious little that you can do with the apps in order to control the entire car and it’s working. This article talks about ways to control your car with cell phone.

However, there are plenty of applications that will help you to control the technology inside the car with the help of your smart phone and a simple enough data connection. You can beam destinations to the Toyota navigation system with the help of Entune or you can remotely unlock your car is with the OnStar RemoteLink from General Motors. We have put forward a few car controlling applications for you to have a look at.

· OnStar RemoteLink :

onlink remotelink

Most people presume that when it comes to the OnStar Telematics service from General Motors, it is the little blue button which is found in the rearview mirror. However, that is just a piece of the puzzle. The main controlling factor is in the OnStar RemoteLink application.

It is with this app that you can unlock and lock the doors of your car. You can also start and stop the vehicle engine and honk your horn. Flashing lights that help you to locate the exit from your parking space can also be possible. In a crowded parking location, finding your car can be pretty irksome, but with the help of the vehicle Finder, you can find out the exact location of your car. With it, you can also search for destinations and send them to the OnStar system in your car that helps you with the navigation.

If this application is used with a gas powered vehicle, you can monitor the fuel levels as well as the tire pressure. When using the electronic Chevrolet volt from GM, you can monitor the battery level and also adjust the charging schedule accordingly with this app. This application can be used in your android, blackberry and iOS smartphones.

· Entune: –

eutune toyota navigation car app

Toyota Entune application helps you to search and save destinations on your mobile phone and accessing them when you return to your car with the help of Bing search engine. Moreover, it also comes with dashboard integration with the Bing search engine that allows you to search the Internet by making use of the data connection in your smart phone. You can check up on the local destinations that may not be found in the database of your car.

The OpenTable application as well as movie tickets integration enables you to make reservations at restaurants and purchase movie tickets respectively. You can do all of that along with listening to the radio from your car’s dashboard. It also has the Pandora radio that allows you to stream music from various radio stations depending upon your preference. When you use the Prius plug-in system from Entune, it also has a unique feature that enables you to unlock the vehicle charging module in your car. You can also activate the remote climate controls and locate the vehicle on a map. This application can be accessed by your android and iOS smartphones.

· BMW connected and mini connected: –

BMW Connected and Mini

For the people using their iOS smart phones, BMW connected and mini connected application can be used for synchronization with their BMW car. There are a few differences from the two versions of this application mentioned above, but the differences are not significant enough.

Both the applications enable you to access your social media feed like Twitter and Facebook from your dashboard, enables you to listen to the news and also the web radio and sends you the Google map destinations through your smart phone to the navigation system in the car. You can continue navigating on foot after you have finished parking your car, and you can also check into foursquare once you reach your destination.

The mini connected application also has a few unique features like the dynamic music mode that generates the music depending upon your driving style as well as your behavior. If you drive faster, you can add more songs to the list; you can also activate the turn signal in order to add a cymbal to the list. There are also some amusing as well as annoying Mission control features that give the vehicle a whole new set of personality.

· Nissan leaf app: –

Electric cars have one major problem, and that is to manage the battery recharging at all possible times. Vehicles like the Nissan Leaf have been equipped with this application that is in conjunction with the car wings telematics connection which provides access to the dashboard of the car.

By making use of the application, the users will be able to check on the current battery state, estimate the range of driving, and also scheduled proper charging times so as to take the best advantage of wonderful electric rates or even override a charging schedule in order to get immediate charging along the road. The presence of a climate control system also has a very significant effect on the entire driving range of Nissan Leaf.

The users will be able to activate or even schedule the system to operate remotely, thereby cooling water creating the vehicle according to the power extracted from the grid. Nissan Leaf application is accessible to the people having smart phones containing the android and iOS operating systems.

· Hyundai Blue Link:

bluelink hyandai

The Hyundai Blue Link telematics system happens to be pretty new, and it has only been making a recent appearance in the new vehicles from Hyundai. However, although this application is recent, it is fully loaded with new features. The users will be able to honk the horn of their Hyundai car, lock and unlock the doors, start and stop the engine remotely as well as flash the headlamps.

It is with this application that people can also search for points of interest by simply transferring and saving the turn by turn navigation system. This application is compatible with the android and iOS operating systems of users.

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